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Bethesda Baptist Church has a team of Christ-followers committed to serving the body of believers through love. See below for any openings to join our team.

Current employment opportunities

Bkidz children's director

Position Status: Part-Time (approximately 20 hours per week)
Purpose: The Children’s Director is responsible for ministering to and caring for the children and families from nursery – 5th grades of the church. They work with the Pastor, Elders, staff and parents to coordinate, plan, administer and evaluate a comprehensive Preschool and Children’s Ministry. As a ministry of the church, the person holding this position will be extending the ministry of Bethesda Baptist Church (B-Kidz) to our members and the surrounding community.
• Possesses a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ, and lives for Him with commitment and passion
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Thorough knowledge of Scripture and a Biblical-based approach to ministry
• Lifestyle and home life are reflective of a disciple of Christ to the standards of God’s Word
• Must have demonstrated experience in Children’s ministry
• Experience in recruiting, training, encouraging, and inspiring volunteer leaders
• Practice and support Southern Baptist beliefs and principles as stated in the Baptist Faith and Message (2000)
• Will become a member of Bethesda Baptist Church and will support and uphold the beliefs as set forth in the Church Constitution
• Faithfully attends church services and church events/activities
• Faithfully tithes
Job Responsibilities and Duties:
• 1. Plans, organizes, promotes, administers, and evaluates the education program for B-Kids (birth through 5th grade.) These ministries include, but are not limited to, the preschool and elementary divisions of B-Kidz Sunday morning service, Sunday Growth Groups, staff liaison to Bethesda Christian Academy and Bethesda Christian Preschool, Wednesday night ministries (AWANA and summer program), discipleship ministries, Vacation Bible School, retreats, camps, and other duties as assigned.
• 2. Selects, enlists and trains individuals capable of serving in B-Kidz. Leaders must be able to recognize the various developmental stages of children and lead them toward a relationship with God. Meet with all program leaders and teachers on a regular basis. Facilitate annual training for all volunteers including teachers and helpers for all B-Kidz activities.
• 3. Works with volunteers to resolve any philosophical, procedural, and scheduling problems in the B-Kidz areas.
• 4. Plans and submits and annual calendar and budget consistent with the overall goals of B-Kidz. Assure that socials/special ministries of B-Kids are effective, well-planned and coordinated with the total church calendar.
• 5. Coordinates purchase of equipment, supplies, curriculum and materials. Decorate the B-Kidz area (rooms and bulletin boards)
• 6. Conducts short and long-range planning in the areas of space needs and future leadership.
• 7. Ministers to the parents of B-Kidz regarding Christian parenting skills as how to lead and teach their children the Word of God.
• 8. Assists in selection and implementation of curriculum consistent with the church’s objectives and ministry vision.
• 9. Participates in outreach ministries to assure B-Kidz maintains an evangelistic focus.
• 10. Arranges for childcare with paid teachers for preschool and elementary children for all designated church functions (such as church-wide Christmas party, Nights of Worship, etc.)
• 11. Maintains confidential security and background checks of all individuals desiring to work with children and perform other duties as assigned by the pastor
• 12. Develop and enforce a child safety plan/policy and volunteer application that always maintains 2 adult ratio per room/class
• 13. Develop and plan a Summer Children’s program for Wednesday evenings in the absence of AWANA.
• 14. Develop and plan Sunday mornings B-Kidz program to include the entire 11am worship service time.

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bethesda christian preschool Teacher / assistant

Full/Part-Time Teacher/Assistant
Reports to: BCP Director/Board
Position Status: Full-Time (40 hours per week) and Part-Time (up to 30 hours a week)
Duties and Responsibilities:
The teacher will provide the best possible atmosphere for the children in our care.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Interact frequently, affectionately and respectfully by smiling, touching and holding children; speak in a friendly, calm, soft and courteous manner within close proximity of the children (do not yell at students); 
  • Respect and observe children’s interests; intervene when needed to maintain safety;
  • Enhance children’s play with language, toys and activities;
  • Engage and communicate constructively with individual children during activities and routines; take every opportunity to positively extend children’s thinking and actions;
  • Be available and responsive to children’s needs, questions and requests; encourage and model social behavior and expectations which are developmentally appropriate;
  • Acknowledge feelings with sensitivity and demonstrate appropriate expression of emotions;
  • Practice positive discipline techniques in guiding children’s behavior according to our positive behavior support policy (outlined in section 30 of this handbook); 
  • Be attentive, flexible and supportive of children and their families during transitions to and from classrooms;
  • Pull-ups must be changed and/or help children with toileting needs at least every two hours with proper changing procedures that maintain the state health standards (gloves for each change, soapy water and sanitizer on changing table in between each change and changing paper on the floor for pull-ups removed while standing).

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