Facility Request

Please use the form below to submit your facilities request to Bethesda Baptist Church: 

Please read and accept the facility usage request for us to process your request: I am requesting the use of facilities, equipment, and/or personnel to be provided by Bethesda Baptist Church. I understand that submission of this form is not a guarantee of approval of all or any one aspect of this request and will be subject to a evaluation and acceptance process by the Bethesda Baptist Church staff. In addition, I understand that I will be responsible for cleaning the facilities used and be held liable for any damages that result from the usage. I will abide by Bethesda's policies for their campus, including the prohibition of tobacco and alcohol.

Please know all approved events, require a physical signed facility agreement. A sample copy can be found below. 

Facility areas

Building A

This area includes the gym, PrimeTime room, youth room, and classroom space.

Building B

This area includes the BCP classrooms, kitchen/fellowship hall, BKidz Multi-Purpose Room, and classroom space.

Building C

This area includes the sanctuary, parlor, band room, and BKidz rooms.

Soccer Field

Building D

This area includes BCA/BCP classrooms and the library.